Sunday, October 31, 2010

How 'bout Them Giants!!

Go Giants!!

This is not a new picture because Drew is down in L.A. with Giovanna but Dave has definitely been glued to the World Series and the scene in the family room is pretty much the same tonight.

The 3 fellas went to the 1st game of the series.   Dave had one of those "it'll never happen again in my lifetime" moments and before I knew it, they had wrangled at last-minute "deal" to go to the game.  Thank goodness the Giants won that one 11-7 or I would have had 3 very morose men hanging around.  As it turned out, it was memory to last a lifetime...

(Thinking of you, Rick)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin! Half-Way To 46!

Dave, Lauren (lovely girlfriend, as you can see) and Kevin on his "half-way to 46" birthday...those were HIS comments, not mine. Haha   ...If he's half-way to 46, then I'm halfway goodness!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Cute Guys...Cade and Kevin

My Baby is cute too!

Yep, that's Kevin.  He is holding Lauren's nephew (his girlfirend gets confusing).  He is practicing for "Someday".

Little Cade is wearing the outfit that Lauren (Lauren, Kevin's sister) picked out.  

I can remember when the big guy here was that size.  

Uh Oh...there's a tear coming...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Official!


Drew "walked" in May but he still had one more class to finish - his internship with the San Jose Sharks hockey team.  Now that that that's done, look at what came in the mail!!  Yep.  We are really happy it's all done.  Phew!  Two and a half years, straight through summers and he got it done. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

At The Lake

Well, Dave has been experimenting with yet another way to throw out his back.  He was barely standing up straight from dirt biking (and golf) when he saw something that needed fixing at the lake.  He couldn't contain  himself so he got right to it and started digging away on the path down to the water...big shovel, hard dirt and all.   It couldn't wait another week or so.  (Sigh)

We had Kathy and Bob spending the weekend (Kathy worked with Dave at Lam a few years ago) and the guys played golf while the two Kathys walked for over an hour - uphill - and talking the whole time - phew!

Dave is on the couch recovering from a "fix" to his root canal and watching the Giants in the Playoffs...
Ha - A Perfect Storm!  The only way to get him to sit down anyway!

Oh My Achin' Back !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back At School

Well, Lauren is back at school and bummed about having to become swamped with school work again.  From what we hear, it gets overwhelming (translation: tears).  She has been complaining that Purdue has just been named one of the "sweet sixteen" by the US News and World Report as being one of the 16 hardest grading colleges.  That'll be good someday but not right now. It's hard to balance everything.  It's tough.  But...I'm not sure she'd want to trade places with her Dad - he has more time but unfortunately has to use some of it next week to have a failed root canal fixed.  Oh....I'm not going to even go there... don't even want to think about it. Yikes!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lauren Loves Boston! ....visiting Claire at BC

Home Safe And Sound...

They're Baaaaaack !

Yea!  They made it back in one piece!

Drew is kind of sore and Dave is....well...more than sore but still upright so that's good news.  Nevertheless, the massage therapist will be his first phone call this morning.

Well, the college girl is having a blast in Boston.  She looooves it!  Uh Oh.  I'm afraid that some day I'm going to lose her to Chicago or Boston.  The only thing going in my favor is the California weather...

I spent most of my weekend immersed in this book called The China Study.  That's all I'm going to say about it because I might get annoying if I start talking about it.  If you're curious, go check it out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Longing For The Lake...

Off in different directions...

I'm keeping the home fires burning this weekend while everyone is off in a different direction.  OK, I'm actually reading a bunch of books and it's too warm yet for a fire but... you get the picture...

Dave and Drew took off today for an "Ivan Ride" -  a verrry long dirt biking adventure in the Sierra Mountains. Only the most experienced dirt-bikers try these rides.  The boys have done this before and each time I hope they come back in one piece!  This ride will go from Colfax, California to Reno, Nevada ( many miles is that???)  Well, Ivan is the guru of dirt biking in the West and this is his last orgainized ride before retires so this is a BIG DEAL. 
(I'm at home lovin' my books:  Olive Kitteridge...(a Pulitzer winner) and The China Study (man, no more meat or milk for me!!!)

Lauren, meanwhile, is visitng her childhood friend, Claire, at Boston College.  It's her first time in Boston - apparently the mecca of college students.  She only arrived this evening so I have not been updated on the fun..not that I will hear the pertinent details anyway...hmmmmm.

Kevin'  is mum as usual about his plans but he never lets the dust settle and I usually find out months afterward about a few details of his adventures.  He leads a clandestine life....and his lovely Lauren always has his back so we are all fortunate.  (I did have a really nice lunch with him this week at Strizzi's though)