Friday, June 24, 2011

In Case You Missed It

Sgt. Jason Ross was interviewed by CBS Evening News so I'm posting the video link below:;contentBody

Please remember this courageous young soldier and his family in your prayers.  Thank you.
 Photo by: Cpl. Brian A. Tuthill

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Here we are at the old folks home.  Well, not really, but our kids think we're old folks.
 Our friends, Doug and Michele, and Kathy and Bob, came up to visit us at the lake and we had a good "old" time.  Long gone are the days of spending every Saturday morning at swim meets but they do seem like just yesterday.  Their daughters babysat for our kids and Drew has been the best-of-friends with Michele's son, Ryan, since Village Pre-School ! In fact, while we were all up at the lake, Drew and Ryan were at their friend's bachelor party in Las Vegas, of all places.  Well, we older folks have seen life's ups and downs and watched each others' kids grow up and, here we are...just "young" couples again - having fun.  Believe it or not, we can still do most of the stuff we could do 30 years ago!

 Bob focused on doing doughnuts while Doug was busy setting speed records.  Seriously.  Dave didn't even know the jets skis could go that fast.

Captain Michele at the wheel.

 We meandered over to the young kids' concert on the lake.  It was hard to get the old guys to leave...

This was more my speed...

 The two Kathys.  Kathy's daughter Shannon used to babysit for our kids and was Lauren's swim coach and now she has a little girl of her own.

And, to top it off we had a rainbow...

 I've never seen a rainbow in this shape!  It was amazing.

It was a good time.  Good friends...good people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nature Girls

Dave got Lauren and Claire up, off the comfy couch, and out in the fresh, country air - and onto the ATVs last weekend. I don't think that was their plan but they were good sports about it and they actually had a great time. It was Claire's first time on an ATV so I think there were a couple of us who were a little bit nervous...

They looked cute, anyway!

Driving lessons: "Hey - where's the gas pedal? What! There are two brakes??"

Wow - Claire took to it like a duck to water!
After they got the nature bug, they decided it would be a good idea to go to Yosemite the following day. Claire had never been there and, since it's about an hour and a half from the lake to the valley floor, it's an easy trip.

Here is Claire looking at Half Dome, off in the distance. You can't really see it in the photo because all I had was my phone - don't ask :/    Anyway, it was overcast but nevertheless, it was incredibly beautiful. We've had so much rain all year long that the waterfalls were moving fast and furious - "raging" is the word we were looking for all day!

These pictures don't do it justice. It was so beautiful. Waterfalls everywhere - even on the valley floor. And, since school is still in session, there were no crowds. It can get pretty hot in the summer too so I think Spring is the best time to go - especially because all the melting snow from the Sierras makes the creeks and the falls so robust.

Dave has tickets to hike Half Dome in August and he is really excited. They are almost impossible to get! Needless to say, I will not accompany him, no matter how beautiful the scenery is - I know my limits and they do not entail a 14 hour hike - half of it uphill. I'll just make sure they remember to bring a camera.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yvonne is Turning 100 !

Yvonne and Grandma Bayly were very close friends from the Moore Street neighborhood in New Hyde Park and we were thrilled that her son, Herb, sent us this 100th Birthday video which was on the local TV News and will be broadcast again this coming weekend.


You can see Yvonne still does her needlework.  To this day, our family still cuddles around the afghan she crocheted for us 36 years ago and gave to me as my Bridal Shower gift.  It's been in our family room for as long as my kids can remember but they never met the lovely lady who made it for us .... so this is an opportunity for them to see Yvonne and understand what a treasure it is for us.

I know Doug and Brenda will remember Yvonne very well because she lived just a few houses away on Moore Street and I think Don and Boomp, and maybe Barbara, will remember her as well since they all lived within a few blocks of one another.  Yvonne and her husband Herbert were one of the original homeowners on Moore Street and their sons, Herb and Claude, were just a few years older than Dave and Doug.  When I was just 15 and met Dave for the first time, I remember that he brought me over to Yvonne's house to meet her.  Later, I met her son Herb and his young wife, Carol, and their adorable little girl, Suzanne, who was as cute as can be at the local ice skating rink.  That was a looong time ago....

...Fast forward to me graduating from college during a recession (like now!) and dying for a job...well Herb came through with a job for me at the company he worked for.  It was a life-saver for me!  Anyone who has been out of a job knows what that's like!  And it was my favorite job too.    About a year later, Herb was a Groomsman in our wedding and we have kept in touch over the years.  He and Carol have raised 3 great kids and are grandparents themselves now.

Last year Herb and Carol came out to San Francisco and we tooled around the city together (which we always enjoy) and they were nice enough to stay with us too.  It was a wonderful time and they filled us in on Yvonne and how well she was doing.  It was very special for our family to see this video and to see lovely Yvonne once again.              
                                 Happy 100th Birthday, Yvonne.  

It was truly wonderful to see you again!