Monday, July 11, 2011

Drew and Giovanna and Ben and Amy

Dave and I went down to San Diego to see Drew and Giovanna and to attend Ben and Amy's beautiful wedding.  Of all Drew's friends, none of us would ever have guessed that Ben would be the first one to get "hitched".   Life is full of surprises!

Here are Drew and Giovanna at the rehearsal dinner...

The fun part of this for Dave and me was that most of the guys pictured here were in Village Pre-School together - or kindergarten, anyway.  It was really weird to have flashbacks to 3 year olds!!

They played sports together, hung out, went on first dates, proms, and graduations together and they were, standing up for Ben at his wedding....

And here is Ben with his lovely bride, a beautiful ceremony at the Madera Club in San Diego.  It was a gorgeous setting.

Ben's step-dad, Rick, officiated at the ceremony.  He's a West Pointer who spent a couple of years in Iraq and returned home safely - pretty amazing to do that when you're not a young guy.  It was so nice for everyone to see him join Ben and Amy in marriage.

 Does Ben look happy or what!