Sunday, September 25, 2011

August 11, 2012 !!!

Wedding Bells For Lauren and Kevin...
                             We have a date for Kevin and Lauren's wedding!
                                                             August 11, 2012

They've been looking for just the right site for their wedding and have selected a beautiful setting close to home at Poppy Ridge in the Livermore Valley.
August 11th at 5:30 in the evening.  

Dave and I have been away for a couple of weeks and we were dying to hear whether they got the place and date they wanted soooo...we found out tonight that it all worked out for them.  It wasn't easy to work it all out because Kevin's sister has to go back to college early every August.  So, we all appreciated their effort to get the date they did.  There's been a lot going on for them lately because they're trying to find a place to live in San Francisco (really hard to find!) and Kevin has been in the middle of a job change while Lauren has a lot of projects going on at work too.  They seem to go from one priority to another.  It's so nice to know the beginning of the wedding plan has worked out for them. 
Now they can have fun with the details, and I hope they do!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cabo Wabo For Drew And Giovanna

Every once in a while, Drew comes up for air and takes a few days off from his usual 60 hour work week and this time he really needed some R&R at a warm, sunny, beachy kind of place.  (Wait a minute!  Isn't that Santa Monica?  Nevermind....I know it's not the same.) Anyway, they took off with Giovanna's sister, Maria, and her husband, Micah, to Cabo San Lucas for a relaxing Mexico vacation.

It looks like they're roughing it.

This must be a tasting of the local fruit juices...

OH my gosh, this looks sooo good!  The water up at the lake has been pretty cold this year because we had so much snow melt and Pleasanton has had a chilly summer so I think we've been swimming only once or twice.  
I could go for this water!
Giovanna came up with the idea to do this and put it all together for everyone and what a great plan it was.  When I talked to Drew a few days later, he sounded a lot more relaxed.  

Footprints In The Sand...

I'm sure the conversation turned to baseball pretty frequently between these two Fantasy Baseball guys.  It's a good thing Giovanna had Maria with her.  

Micah and Drew...talking baseball, I'm sure.

Ah...Life is good!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Devon and His Grandpa

The West Coast Baylys had a really fun week with Devon and Doug!

Here are Devon and Doug along the Stanislaus River at about 4,000 ft. in the Sierra Mountains. It eventually winds its way down to our lake house (the house is technically on the river at 500 ft. above sea level) and then it it finally empties into
Lake Tulloch.
Devon and Doug along the Stanislaus River

The water here was freezing cold because it's melted snow but Devon got in anyway. I guess the sandy river bottom sparkled and might have been gold...

Now, here they are at our part of the Stanislaus River, in front of the house at 500 ft. above sea level, where that cold water ends up. The stone wall behind them is a wall along a road that was built by the gold miners in the 1850s.
Nice and peaceful!

Now wouldn't you know these guys would turn a peaceful kayak ride into a race! Look at the wake Doug and Devon have going! Obviously, they are ahead of Dave and me!

This was part of the earlier trip to the National forest, at the higher elevation, to see the Sequoias at
The Calaveras Big Trees.

Quite the tree!!!
They used to drive cars through there.

Devon was determined to find gold! They took these rocks into Jamestown and the gold expert said it was probably copper. Hence, the next town over from us is called Copperopolis. No, that is not a joke. The town is really named Copperopolis and was the biggest mining town in the United States until just after World War I. But if you're from around here, you're supposed to call the town "Copper" - otherwise they know you're a tourist...

Ah! Back to more energetic pursuits. Here is Devon, putting the rocks aside for a moment to bounce around on the lake. He and Kevin were tubers together.

And then....Da Ta Da Da.... Devon made the big jump! Off of the jumping rock. There's Kevin in the water, off to the bottom left since he had already jumped. It's actually pretty high...don't look Mom...

Unfortunately, a day of fun has chores to it but, in this case, we had a willing helper! He even carried rocks for Uncle Dave. Oh - and there we go - Devon likes rocks! So Dave was thrilled to find a fellow rock lover.

This was my perch. On the pergola that Doug helped Dave finish a couple of years ago. It's my favorite spot because a breeze comes up off the water every afternoon. With my mister and a good book, I'm really happy. (That's "mister" as in spray bottle - not "Mister Bayly" who doesn't spend much time relaxing on the pergola - he finds work more relaxing which is sure proof that opposites attract : )

I think, by far, this was the favorite activity! I didn't get many pictures of Devon on the ATV because he got on it and he was GONE!!! He took to it right away! Dave, Doug and Devon also spent a whole day at Hollister riding, but I don't have pictures of that because I was at home, but I think Devon may have some pics on his camera. I think Devon would have spent a whole week riding, if he could have!

Here he is suiting up on the hill above the river. We took the truck up for sunset but he decided to ride.

One of our favorite spots to watch the sun set
What a fun week we all had.

And it ended with...what else... a game of Rumicub!