Thursday, December 22, 2011

60 is the new 40...Well, maybe not

I never thought I would be here.  I don't know what I expected - I guess I thought I would magically stop at 40.  Ummm...nooooo.  No one does. Actually, even 50 wasn't so bad.  I breezed by that one.
But 60.  Wow. That's different.

These videos took the sting out of it anyway...

If you're over 50, turn up the volume.
(If your under 40, go ahead and snicker...but your day will come...)

OK...moving on...I'm 60 but I still have a daughter in college so I mentally feel like I'm 21 (except that I know a whole lot more about guys).   At any rate, because of Lauren, I am still talking and thinking about girl stuff like clothes and makeup and reality shows - yep, ask me anything about the Kardashians and Teen Mom - I am down with it.

So I thought the next YouTube video was very apropos. I liked it because she uses Mac products that you can buy in the US, she tells you what brushes to use and she is doing her mother's makeup.  She's really sweet about it too....
Aren't daughters wonderful?

Make-up tutorial for mature women.

If you want to feel younger when you're 60, have a baby girl when you're 40.  
However, keep in mind that having a teenage daughter when you're over 50 might age you a bit - you just have to survive that part.  

And, on I final note...this sure made me fell a lot better...


Haha - Happy Aging!

Monday, December 19, 2011


If you're over 29, you're going to see wrinkles.  Sorry, but very true.  Sooo....

Embrace them!


Awwww...even babies have wrinkles!


Unfortunately, there can be a down side...


But here's the attitude!

The Secret of Staying Young....

And if you think being young is so great, ponder this:


Alas, wrinkles are not so bad, after all!  

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Here are some pictures that Lauren and Drew sent me of their weather.  I love getting these pictures!

This one is of West Lafayette, Indiana right before Thanksgiving...Pretty, isn't it?

Right after Thanksgiving...the first snow of the year...

Ahhhh... I know where Lauren was when she took this - it's from a glassed-in overpass in the School of Management.  So when she finished with class, she had about a 3/4 mile walk back to her house.

OH!  this was amazing!!  This was a pic of the latest tornado that was forming over Indianapolis and Lafayette.  Chi Omega spent over an hour in the basement, just in case a tornado set down.  I came home from shopping one day and turned on CNN while I sat down for lunch and...the weather guy said: (Seriously)

 "Everyone in West Lafayette needs to seek shelter immmediately if they have not already done so - a tornado is imminent."  (!!!)

What!!! I popped off the couch and texted Lauren right away.  She was already in the basement with the other girls in the house.  She gets half panicked about these events and half non-chalant...I guess because everyone around her takes it in stride since they grew up with this tornado stuff.  The rest of us start imaging the Wizard Of Oz!

Oh...and this next one is Drew's weather pic from Santa Monica.  Actually it looks like Manhattan Beach but whatever...they're only a couple of miles apart.

And here is Giovanna, with their bikes, along the beach.  (Sorry Lauren...)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

First Christmas trees.  Oh,  What Memories!

For Kevin...  
Lauren is holding a bottle of the Gloria Ferrar Champagne from Napa Valley 
(or Sonoma ??) that we got them for their engagement.

And Drew's first tree...very nice!  Giovanna had some input?  ...

Dave and I still have the ornament that Ging and Boomp gave us for our "First" Christmas. We arrived in California for Thanksgiving dinner and they were stuck with us for a month!! Somehow we managed to move into our townhouse about 3 days before Christmas.  I remember it like it was yesterday. was a looong time ago.  36 Christmases later...those memories are really sweet.

We saw Boomp the other night and Barbara had a little tree all decorated for him in his room, with Biggie the dog on his lap for company. Merry Christmas Boomp!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ugh. Final Exams

I'm posting this for Lauren because she's heading into Final Exams in about a week .  She gets only a couple of hours sleep during exam week.

We're thinkin' of ya Sweetie!.

Good Luck Sweetie!  See you on the 16th!!!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Off To Work We Go...

So what we've been up to...Dave (and his buds Marshall and Pud) put in a stone wall and a crushed granite topping over the septic tank.  Ugh.  But it looks a lot better.

 Fixing Boats...

Fixing "Stuff" -  Never-ending.

Having friends visit....Todd's daughter Kelly and John and Bailey and Brody.  They actually stayed on after we left and we were so happy they could have family time.  John took Brody out on the back 40 on the ATV and we understand some hunting lessons took place.  

Well, the fun ends sometime and since it's winter, we're back to painting.  Or, I should say Dave is back to painting....

I'm hittin" the books and doing paperwork.

And then fixing up Brockton.  A looootttttaaaa work there...

And coming up for air...

In between Lauren and Drew came home for Thanksgiving and we saw Kevin too and went to Doug and Michele's for turkey....but I didn't make them get their pictures taken.  I would have loved to have pictures but I gave them a break.  We had a really nice dinner at Giovanna's parents' house too but I spared them my camera, too.
And tomorrow... I get to go along on a wedding dress shopping trip!  The last dress I shopped for was my own - 36 years this will be a fun day!