Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caleb...cute as can be!

It was so nice to see little Caleb and he is such a cute little guy...all smiles and as cute as can be.
Here's a video of breakfast time with Drew and Caleb:
I'm not washing these windows anytime soon!

Caleb's was such a good sport here!  Tasting an orange for the first time.  I guess the orange must have had a sweet after-taste because Caleb kind of liked it after the initial puckering shock!

We're so glad Brenda and Mommy Kerry came out to let us spend some time with Caleb.  While they were here, they took him to a restaurant where the waitress said he was like "an angel" true!  He's full of smiles and has such a sweet disposition.  Thank you again for staying and letting us meet Caleb.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lotsa Pictures! Turning 99, A Great Visit and One Adorable Baby!!

These first pictures are of Boomp's 99th Birthday Party.  We also had a fun time with Dave's sister, Brenda, and her daughter, Kerry and Grandson, Caleb, visiting.  Lauren left for school at 4 a.m. after this party (sigh). No words for that...we miss her...
Boomp entertaining the troops, as always:  Dave, Boomp, Lauren and Drew.
As usual, he has them cracking up over something.  Nothing new about that - his sense of humor is 99 years  young.  One of the most poignant things for me is that I remember how my Dad loved Boomp's jokes and his natural sense of humor.  I can't be around Boomp and not think of my own Dad - laughing at all those silly jokes.  
Here's Dave holding Caleb, the youngest of Boomp's Great-Grandchildren who also include Gunney (also a little guy living in Georgia) and Carl who is pictured below and is a regular on Boomp's Blog.  And he also has two Great-Granddaughters:  the cutest little baby girl ever - little Emery - from Georgia and the all-grown-up Brittany who is a Graphic Designer working with National Geographic.  Wow. Not everyone gets to see the family they have started.
My guys and their cuties: Lauren, Kevin, Drew and Giovanna
Dave's sister Brenda with her daughter Kerry and her grandson, Caleb -more on him later - he is sooooooo cute!!!! 
Boomp blowing out 99 (!) candles!  With Barbara on the left who takes amazing care of him.  Grandson Brandon, who is a professional chef with his own restaurant, is serving up the cake while Great-Grandson, Carl, is looking on.   
Two grandsons, Tommy and Brandon here in the kitchen.  I was having too much of a good time to get a better pic of Tom, who has been such a big help to Boomp and Barbara and also of Ray who built the stair-chair with Tom.  Ray and Tom are around all the time to take care of Boomp and to help Barbara.  I guess I was enjoying the evening too much and not focused on getting the right pictures.  And a picture of Great-Grand-Daughter Brittany escaped me altogether.  Hey- I am not a professional - I get distracted when I'm having fun.  But I did get one of Brandon, working hard in the kitchen, making us a dinner we won't soon forget.  What a special thing for Boomp to have his accomplished grandson make everyone a memorable dinner at his 99th birthday.  Dave and I have been saying  for so long that we want to get up to Brandon's restaurant but, as always, life intervenes and we get sidetracked with other stuff.  After this dinner. I must say, we really want to see if we can get the family together again for a good time and....
good food!
It's all good...Carl, Barbara, and Fatima around Boomp.
After we got home, we had the joy of spending time adorable baby!  Here's Dave with  Caleb, his Great-nephew.    
We so enjoyed having Dave's sister Brenda and her daughter Kerry stay with us and share this cute little guy.  I have a few really cute videos of Caleb that I'll  post later. 
It wasn't exactly a birthday cake - we celebrated Brenda's birthday with a breakfast birthday coffee-cake.Well, if it has candles, it's a birthday cake!  Happy Birthday Brenda!

That's all for now.  More on the adorable baby later...