Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rocker Oysterfeller's and The Valley Ford Hotel !!

A few weeks ago Dave and I went up to have dinner at Brandon Guenther's 
Rocker Oysterfeller's Restaurant along the beautiful coast north of San Francisco and stayed at the Valley Ford Hotel also run by Brandon and his wife, Shona.  We were joined by the 'kids' the next day for a spectacular brunch!! 
Dave and I knew it was 'gonna be good' after dinner... it was really, really delicious !!  And the place was packed for both meals!  I hope the East Coast Guenther's enjoy these photos.  I took a ton of pictures but had to pare them down for the blog or I would have had 30 of them here.  We had soooo much fun and Brandon has some amazing dishes. (For anyone reading this and not getting the connection, our dear friend and adopted Grandpa, Boomp, was Brandon's real Grandpa.)

Here's the Hotel...very much like a Bed and Breakfast.  There are (maybe) 4-6 rooms upstairs...I actually can't remember exactly.  But we had a very comfortable, sweet room, decorated with a Williams Sonoma feel.  When we got up the next morning, having the Keurig coffee maker right outside our room really hit the spot for me because I am a 'first thing in the morning' kind of coffee person.  And Brandon puts out fruit and muffins for his guests too so I was very comfy.  I think the hotel was fully occupied that night and this is supposed to be the 'slow' season.  Summer is the high season so Brandon said they're pretty much full all the time then.  

Our room.  Very comfortable bed and our own bath!

The Menu:
I think we got sauce on it from the crab cakes.  omg - they were good!
The deviled eggs too - wow.  Not like mom's, that's for sure.  Deee-licious!

Oh - these are the Rocker Oysterfellers.  Commonly known as Oysters Rockefeller.  They went faasst!!!

And, of course...some tomato juice   ;)   Did I mention there's a full bar?  
The rest of us had Bellinis or Champagne.  

A version of Eggs Benedict served on crab cakes.  Mmmmmm.  There were two of them to start out with but I think someone absconded with one of mine...Dave....

Aha - the Chef and his better half.  One is in the kitchen and the other is scurrying around making the place hum like clockwork.  

Kevin and Lauren came up from San Francisco to join us along with Drew and Giovanna.  It's about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city and about 1 hour and 45 minutes from our house.

We had to include a pic of Pancho the goat (or is it Lefty?)  Well, we couldn't figure out which was which.  They are Brandon's resident goats who manage to keep the acre out back trimmed.  I think they must eat more than grass, though, because they are bigggg goats!  And friendly too...obviously! Every time someone approaches, they must think some more gourmet food scraps are being delivered to them directly from the kitchen for their dining pleasure!
We gave him an orange half and he literally ate the pulp and spit out the rind!  

Isn't he cute?
Giovanna was a little wary at first but she made friends with Pancho/Lefty.
We even caught our friendly goat visit on video:

After everyone else left to get back to the city, Dave and I took off for a drive a few minutes up the coast from Brandon's place.  It was a gorgeous day and the coast is a lovely as ever.

I caught that on video too...the surf crashing on the rocks.  Beautiful.  
There are some sandy beaches nearby... 

...and horse farms where you can go horseback riding on the beach. 

Beautiful, fun day and a great brunch.  Many thanks to Brandon and Shona for accommodating us.  It's a very popular venue and they were really busy.  We'll be back, though!  We have to get Lauren up there!!