Friday, May 25, 2012

Bay To Breakers...San Francisco

It's been so long since I've posted! Part of the problem is that I take all my pictures on my IPhone and it is a b@#$%^ to upload them on to the blog. put icing on the cake, blogspot changed their whole format.  Hey...what can I say - I am an old dog and these new tricks are a pain!

Anyway, here's some fun stuff about Kevin - the groom to be.

He's celebrating the "Bay To Breakers" 10K in San Francisco.  It's a race from the Bay to the Ocean
(the "breakers").  I ran it when Drew was about one year old - Alas, my only athletic venture and he can't remember it.  Well, it's a very fun run and everyone dresses up and that makes it so festive!  I heard that this year's run was the best one in 15 years!!  Undoubtedly because of the festivities Kevin, Mark and Keegan brought to it!

Keegan, Mark  and Kevin.  Don't have too much fun, guys.

And...a shout out to... at a Giants game.  If you run a business...find out what it is!!

Kevin is in Maine (of all places) this weekend for a fraternity brother's bachelor party.  I told him to take pictures for me ...doubtful I will be able to use them, though!

I have more stuff on Drew and life with Lauren... soon to follow.