Thursday, June 28, 2012

Up, Up And Away

Life with Lauren continues...

While Lauren was flying high, the rest of us were on the ground somewhere.  I was sewing pillows at the lake, Dave was digging holes for plants and Drew and Kevin - well, I know they were on the ground somewhere.

Hmmm, well, here's Lauren - with another un-dull moment.  Flying over Indiana, her home-away-from-home, with Dan who arranged it all.  

Lauren, Dan and his parents all blew quietly over the lush landscape below...

And they survived...happily, for all!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Life with Lauren

I have sooooo many stories and pictures of our life with Lauren this year...I wouldn't know where to begin to explain....  Anyone who has raised a daughter - well, you know...

This past year had real highs and real lows but...we only celebrate the highs here on this blog's the short story:

Dave and I had a lot of time with Lauren this year - we went out for Parents Weekend in September and then, after Christmas break, I went out to see her for a week in February.  Dave was there for Chi Omega's Dad's Day in November and, in April, I was with her for the campus' Greek Mom's Day (which I naturally turned into a 4 day event!)   

Here are some pics of some very goooood times...
Our "Purdue Pete" masks at the Parents Weekend Football game.

A rare sunny day in West Lafayette, Indiana
Here's the "real" Purdue Pete...actually this is one of several students who rotate being Pete. 
Major tailgating goes on here

Now...Here is the quintessential college pose...Everyday life, I suspect :)

Mom arrives - just in time.

I brought this car with me - courtesy of Drew who arranged it all.  Needless to say, I must have been the 'cool' mom.

The morning after her 21st birthday.  Glad I was there.  Actually, she did fine. She was tired, though.

Mom's Day at Chi Omega.  We had a fun weekend!! She took me everywhere like I was one of the girls!

Life with Lauren....Never a dull moment. 

It was quite a year and now she's working in San Francisco and commuting an hour or more each way on the freeways - up at 5 a.m. and out the door by 6 - like a real working girl. She loves her boss and has cool friends at work and will get to stay over at Kevin's and Lauren's apartment next week (after she returns from a quick weekend in Indiana - oh- that's another story althogether...)

But...luckily for her, she still has her Senior year left to 'work hard and play hard'. 

Never a dull moment...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's All In A Name...

I don't know what I'm going to do with the name confusion around our house.  
I have a daughter named Lauren and a soon-to-be daughter-in-law named Lauren.

My daughter said recently, "Hey- someone's stealing my name!"
Yes, there will now be two Lauren Baylys!

For years now, I've sort of solved the double-Lauren-name by saying "our" Lauren and "your" Lauren when I talk to Kevin to distinguish between the two girls - or even 
"Lauren S".  But now, they'll both be "our" Laurens and one of them will no longer be Lauren "S"!  Sheeesh.
I always loved the name so much and it was the original name that Dave and I were going to use for a girl the first time, (but we had Drew...a name we picked out when we were in high school! ) Anyway, Dave and I considered other girls' names with the first two pregnancies but we never wavered and when our baby girl eventually arrived, our choice was still the same.  Who knew that some day I would have two Laurens! 

My daughter, Lauren, has had several nicknames over the years:  Bay, being the one used most often.  Her old boyfriend used to call her Bay all the time because his mother's name was Lauren - man, things were really confusing for a while there.   As you might expect, there are a few girls with the name Lauren among her 80+ sorority sisters and believe it or not, her roommate last semester was named Lauren too but thankfully, they call her "Lo" so at least we caught a break there.  Who knew there were so many mothers out there in the 80s and 90s who liked the same name!  I sure didn't!

At any rate, the nickname "Bayly" comes in as a close second.  In fact, she says a couple of her friends are actually named Bailey - by their parents.   Our friends, Kelly and John, named their first child Bailey -  they wanted to spell it as Bayly but we clued them in on the spelling nightmare they were embracing so they reverted to Bailey.
So....I suppose we could re-name Lauren "Bayly/Bailey" but... maybe not.

Or, since I call her Laurena when I love her especially much... but, nah,  I don't think I could go that route permanently.  It's weird thinking of  calling your daughter something different after 20 years and I'm not sure I can actually do it.
So...definitely a dilemna!  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little R&R

We had a nice stay at the lake and Drew and Giovanna joined us for a couple of days.  The weather was just right and the water was ready for swimming for the first time this year.  (Last year we had so much snow run-off that the water never really warmed up and we went a whole summer without ever swimming off the dock!)  This year shows promise for being totally delightful! 

This is my perch

Drew and Giovanna roughing it.

They did get a workout with the kayak...I should have gotten a pic of them on the paddle boat, though -
Giovanna's favorite.
There they go...about to be swamped in the wake of that patio boat.