Monday, August 27, 2012

The Wedding!


Camryn, Brielle and Cade

Drew and Lisa
Best Man and Mother of the Bride
Dave and Me
Lauren and Paul

Bridemaids:  Lauren, Jenny & Krissy
Lauren and Kevin with Greg officiating

The new Mr. and Mrs. Bayly!

Thank you Angela (mother of the flower girls and wife of "Reverend" Greg) for the photos!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

What a weekend!  The Honeymooners are off and having a wonderful time in Maui and Dave and I are starting to come down to earth so I thought I would post a few photos of the festivities, starting with the Rehearsal Dinner.  All of the family came in from the East Coast - a very long trip with the little ones - and we all appreciate that so much.   I'm sorry if I did not get a pic of everyone but I was a bit distracted.
The evening started out with the Rehearsal and then Wine Tasting and then dinner and bocce.   Here they are in no particular order.                                                                                                       
The Bride and her nephew, Cade, the ring bearer.
Brad, Kerry and Caleb - all the way from North Carolina.
Camryn getting into the swing of things with sister Brielle in the background.

Drew, Dick and Dave.  Dick was Dave's college lacrosse coach and a groomsman in our wedding 37 years ago. sweet.  Emery getting hugs from Gunney.

Baby Jillian with mom, Kristin.

Baby Kendall just got tuckered out - here she is napping in mom, Angela's, lap.  
Those big blue eyes aren't open for the camera!
I did not get a photo of Greg who actually performed the ceremony...very sad about that - but he will be in the wedding pics.  Greg and Angela came in from Pennsylvania with 3 little ones.  What a trip! It should be mom taking a nap here! 
Oh - moms rarely sleep -  I forgot  ;)

The 2 dads, Dave and Paul.  Golfing buddies too.

Dave and Brenda who came in with Don from North Carolina.
We still can't see Kendall's big blue eyes!

The wedding party.

Little Emery...just adorable

Giovanna a bocce pro!

The brides grandparents, Connie and Dennis.

Caleb's turn for a hug from Gunney!

Emery and dad, Kyle.

Giovanna and Lauren.  

Emery with parents, Kyle and Leah.  They made the trip all the way from Atlanta.

Ring around the rosie.  The 3 cousins: Emery, Caleb and Gunney. 

Pretty Brielle

The bride, Lauren, groom Kevin,  Angela, Drew and Giovanna.
And here I am...ironing the Groom's and Best Man's shirts for the wedding....Sniffle

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arriving In Town

It's getting exciting now with friends and family arriving in town for the Big Day!  Dave and I went down to the hotels to deliver the welcome bags. The best part about the bags is that they contain some amazing cookies baked by the bride's mother, Lisa.  My car smelled so good bringing them over to the hotels.  I could barely contain myself from swiping a cookie but I managed to keep control.

It was a long trip for everyone coming from the East Coast... a long, hard day of travel but we're so glad they made the trip!  Lauren put together a nice packet of information, maps and directions.

It's hard to believe but tomorrow will be the rehearsal!  Wow.  It's actually here!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Before The Big Day...

We're having a busy time of it before the wedding but managed to get in a lacrosse lacrosse tournament last weekend in Lake Tahoe with Drew and Kevin (the groom to be).  
Kevin, Kathy, Drew, Dave
Johnny and Jimmy with Kevin and Drew.  Jimmy, a long-time best friend of Kevin's from his high school days, was a stand-out lacrosse player at Sonoma State. His younger brother, John, is a powerhouse from U.C. Davis.  

 I should also mention that their mom, Aileen, was the Vice-Principal at Lauren's middle school.  
(Now there's one woman who is a survivor ;)  

Now, however, we are on to bigger and better things...  Wedding pics soon to follow!