Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fathom That!

Drew has been working for a 3D Printing company called Fathom studiofathom.com and they are doing some of the coolest things. It is amazing to think that you can actually print out a product by putting materials other than paper into a 'printing' machine that's configured to spit out a 3 dimensional object.  It's mind boggling.  I heard a few years ago that someday we would all eventually be doing this even from our homes - printing out items we want to purchase online.  The technology hasn't advanced that far yet but someday...  In fact Drew gave me a set of bowls for Christmas that were made from a 3D prototype.  The bowls were designed to have a "no-spill" edge which is why I brought them up to the lake - I thought they would be perfect for boat rides when we bring snacks like salsa or dips.  Here's a video of how these machines work: 

                                                          Studio FATHOM – 3D Printer Sales, Rapid Prototyping, Design

My No-Spill Bowls.  They work!

The funny part about this is that after Drew started working at Fathom, he discovered that his friend Ryan- whom he's been friends with since pre-school- is one of their customers.  Drew and Ryan see each other all the time but never talked about 3D printing so the connection never came up.  That was quite a coincidence! Ryan needed a prototype of a small, implantable cardiac device that his company is starting to manufacture.  All of these new technologies are so amazing.  And all I can think of is the two of them when they were 3 years old.   

Here they are at 4 years old:  the future businessmen.  I love it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giovanna Had A Hand In This!

Giovanna recently made a hand commercial for Reliant Energy's thermostat and we had so much fun hearing about it!  See that lovely hand? Yes, it's hers.  And, it took a whole day to film this commercial with lots of hand-pampering going on and makeup freshening.  (Not that she needs it.)  And if you listen closely, you will hear that the voice-over was done by the actor, Matthew McConaughey.  Although his voice is so distinctive that it's pretty apparent right away that it's him.  Giovanna and Matthew never met, though, (awwwh) because the video and audio were done separately. 
Poor Drew - doomed to be doing dishes forever now that Giovanna's hands are valuable commodities! 


You can read more about Giovanna at: GiovannaArieta.com

and follow her on Twitter @GiovannaArieta

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Have a Minute?

Staff Sgt Jason Ross - Marine
Iwo Gima

This blog http://sgtjasonross.blogspot.com/ is on the sidebar of my blog and I check on it every day that I'm home.  We don't get internet at the lake so whenever Dave and I come through the door at home, we head  for our computers as if we were thirst-ravaged wrecks from the desert who just discovered an oasis! We are dying to check emails etc. and, for me, I check in on a list of blogs that I follow.  This one is always one of my first and holds a special place for me.  Let me say that I do not know this family at all.  I first learned about them from our local weekly newspaper that ran an article and mentioned that this soldier's dad wrote a blog.  This family resides in the next town over from ours although the soldier has been at Bethesda for quite some time.

This is the story of an American family who has given so much.

Please give them a minute to read about them.

During the Vietnam War, Dave's draft number was 32 so this could have been us.  But Dave was accepted to the USNA and graduated one year after the War ended.  There is no way to explain how these things happen. But we do need to care for those who serve us and suffer.  Please keep Jason Ross and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

And give a minute to read about how Jason has served.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friends and Frugal Vacations

One of our endeavors is to "vacation" at our friends' homes instead of going to far-flung destinations, slugging baggage on airplanes and being frustrated with unexpected hotel accomodations.  We all seem to agree with this brilliant idea.  Friends come up to the lake and we're lucky to have really wonderful experiences in return.  There are so many lovely places in our country and wherever our friends are, there seem to be gems of beauty - sometimes hidden and sometimes right there in front of us.  In this case, our friends Linda and Bill have a lovely place along the ocean about 2 hours from here and we had an amazing visit along with Michele and Doug.  Who needs to go to Mexico - or Hawaii or Bermuda or wherever.  It is so beautiful right here.  And our friends are here too.  It's everything.

Here is the beautiful Coast outside their deck...

And breakfast on the deck.  Linda is a great cook!

An early morning surfer!  Hey - he looks my age!  
It was interesting to watch the town paramedics and lifeguard service practicing for an ocean rescue.  It looked like the class was for rookie lifeguards who had to learn how to rescue someone with a jet ski.
Launching the jet ski  into the surf was not so easy 
Over the hump of the first few waves...

The rest of our morning walk along the beach. 
Footprints in the sand.  Remember...one set of Footprints In The Sand...

After a lot of book reading, football watching and beach walking, the sun started to set. Here are Michele (best bud) and Dave in a quiet moment.  

 And sunset on the West Coast.  It never fails to amaze us.
Enjoy your friends wherever they may be.  And vacation at their houses whenever possible...no matter where they are. The scenery may be nice but the company is what matters.    

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valley Ford Again!

Any reason to go back to Rocker Oysterfeller's Restaurant in Valley Ford is a good one and this time it was to take Lauren and Dan because they hadn't been there yet.  It's located in the teeny town of Valley Ford and just about a mile or so from the Coast.  The food is so good...we are literally stuffed when we leave the table and practically roll out of the place.  This year's feast revolved around rum milkshakes.  I did not have one but the younger members of the crew did.  It sounded great but I knew I'd be really sorry afterward.  Getting old is a bummer but the wisdom part of it is kind of nice.
Dan, Lauren, Me, Drew, Giovanna, Lauren, Kevin and Dave

Chef (and owner) Brandon who treated us like royalty! 

Now here's Pancho, one of Brandon's goats who keep the acreage trimmed.  This lucky guy eats leftovers everyday and he is HUGE!  Seriously, he is the biggest goat I have ever seen.  And look at him anticipating his meal!  Brandon has some restaurant morsels for him in the bucket and he's going nuts!  
(I'll bet we sort of looked like that too as we walked into the restaurant.)   

We certainly needed a walk after brunch so we drove down the road to the ocean and along Highway 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway.  There are hiking trails all along here and Dave and I figured we would have to come back ourselves sometime.  

Lauren and  her Honey, Dan

It was kind of a brisk day but beautiful, nevertheless.

This was the drive home through farm country near Petaluma.  What a lovely drive.  What a great day it was. We love every chance we get to see the kids.  They're a lot more fun now that they're out of diapers and don't have homework.  And we miss them a lot when they go back to their real worlds.