Sunday, April 28, 2013

Away She Goes!

We're getting set for Lauren's graduation in few weeks and sending her on her way into the world.  It's kind of sad, in a way, to have the last one fly out of the nest but we've at least had some time getting used to it since she's been so far away at school.  But....we are definitely looking forward and very excited to have her back here for her first job in San Francisco!  So we'll actually get to see her more!  Especially the first few months when she's going to hang out here with us and save some money.  The city is humming with activity in technology start-ups and she managed to nab a job at one of them and is relieved and happy that it all worked out.  There are so many young people in San Francisco!  Kevin and (wife) Lauren are living and working up there along with tons of people in their 20s - some of them are people they knew from college and even elementary school.  It's definitely a buzzing place for the younger crowd - the work hard / play hard set.

Here's a pic of Lauren and her boyfriend, Dan, on their way to a Charity event in Indianapolis.  Looking pretty spiffy!  And all grown up!  This past week I went through my huge memorabilia box that had all of the cards, drawings, notes etc. that I saved over the years.  I decided to sort it all into 3 boxes for each of them and I found some really cute stuff that I included below.  In the meantime...

 Lauren and Dan each went for a spin in a (street-legal) Indy race car.  Here's Lauren being strapped in.  Thanks to Dan for sending me these!

Going through the memorabilia box was a little tough and I knew it would be, so I tried to steel myself and be very business-like about the whole thing because I was afraid it would be nostalgic and sad to go through all the little kids' rememberances.  I hung in there pretty well - no sniffles - but I did allow myself to laugh pretty hard at some of the funnier stuff.  Apparently, as a child, Lauren sometimes had second thoughts about toughing it out in our family because I found 3 "running away" notes!  It most likely arose out her not getting her way with something but I can say she never actually followed through.  I followed my Mom's method of offering to help her pack and telling her how much I'd miss her - I can remember my Mom doing that with me and I made it half way down the block with my suitcase and my dog who bit me on the ankle and gave me a reason to come home.  Mom was so happy to see me - big hugs etc. so I don't recall trying it again.  I don't think Lauren ever left the house but she must have been torn because her plans always involved a departure sometime in the future.

I love this one!  Ever organized, she put it on the calendar for the 16th!

Well, now, away she goes into the world.


                    Congratulations, Lauren!  We love you! 

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  1. Oh my gosh those notes that Lauren wrote y'all when she was little... HILARIOUS. So glad you kept those! Very exciting time for y'all with Lauren graduating soon!