Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cowboys Are Still Around!!

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a Cowboy.

When Dave and I moved to California 30+ years ago, (remember, I was a New York girl!), I saw so many pick-up trucks being driven by guys with cowboy hats!  Honestly, half of me was amazed and the other half thought it was funny but...definitely odd.  After all the time that's gone by in the past 30 years, you would think that those cowboy hats and the cowboys would have disappered.  Well...not so much.  At the lake in the Sierra Foothills, seeing a cowboy is something I don't even think twice about.  And, think about this...the lake is less than a 2 hour drive from San Francisco! So we're not talking about Montana here.

Not that I personally know any cowboys.


Our new neighbor at the lake is...for lack of giving away names, I'll say.. Rancher Matt.  And, yes, he is a real cowboy.  And also a real gentleman, and a savvy businessman.  Matt bought the ranch next to ours so that he could graze his horses in the winter.  In the summer, he runs a dude ranch in the High Sierras but he has to get the horses out of there in Winter because the weather is severe and the roads are closed all season due to snow and there's no feed for the horses.
(Little did we know that the grass on our land is perfect for grazing!)

When Matt told us that he took the Governor (California Governor Brown) out on a horseback pack-ride last week, I didn't know whether to be more impressed with the ranch he runs or with the Governor who is in his 70s!  Holy Cow!  Very impressive when Matt said the Governor is in "pretty good shape".  Certainly, no one would never say that about me :/

At any rate, cowboy Matt is a businessman and a dedicated family man.  Nevertheless, my neighbor's wife whispered to me; " Somebody really married a Cowboy".  Hmmmm.  My thoughts exactly.

Dave and Matt 

The horses from Kennedy Meadows
Matt says they are very gentle so we'll have to get Lauren out for a ride.  Dave, on the other hand, knows how to handle a horse and he would like a quick one...not sure Matt has any of those.

 I thought I would take a video of the horses but I started laughing in the middle of it because I knew I looked like a tourist.  The ranch hands must have thought I was the oddity here.


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