Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

That's what Dave said when we dropped Lauren off at the airport for a trip to New York. Oddly enough, the two of us grew up just outside of  New York and we only ever referred to it as 'The City".  My Dad was born there, lived there and worked there nearly his entire life.  My grandparents sailed into this country right by the Statue of Liberty and were processed at Ellis Island.  My Grandmother Mary must have looked at Lady Liberty on the deck of a ship at the age of 16 all by herself - and how courageous a venture that must have been.  I think the 'courage gene' skiipped a generation or two but I think it may be surfacing in our daughter. I wonder what Mary would think to see Lauren at a business event just a block away from where she, herself, landed in 1900 with not much to her name.   Dave and I never thought of the City in endearing terms like 'the big apple". It was just a place to work and to do the best shopping.  We took for granted all those school trips to the United Nations, the Museum of Natural History, The Met, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and our High School Prom at The Plaza Hotel and the aftershow at The Americana.  Seriously - we were in high school! When I was in 6th grade, I was allowed to go tinto the City with my best friend, Linda, and we thought nothing of it because it was how we were raised... you took the bus to Jamiaica and then the subway - the F Train to ...whatever stop that let us off down the block from Macys and Gimbels.   We didn't have a "Mall" until 8th grade when the Roosevelt Mall was built - and even then, we went into the City for the best shopping. We did it all - the Thanksgiving Parade that the entire country watches on TV every year... the Macy's Parade...skating at Rockefeller Center...the Tree Lighting...Tavern On The Green...Broadway Plays on Times Square.  One of the first dates Dave and I went on was to see Fiddler On The Roof on Broadway - at 17 years of age - taking the subway into the city and coming home at 1 a.m. after the play.   But... I was...let us say, texting Lauren a lot on this trip to make sure she was safe.  This was unchartered territory.  I'm OK now about the whole thing...Beginning to know she's the one in charge and I'm the old lady.  I can sort of relax.  It's actually on my list to go back and see the 9/11 Memorial.  We were back there in 2002 before reconstruction began and I would love to see it now.  Here are some pictures Lauren took of the Memorial.  Awesome.

Lauren was just 14 days into her new school in 5th grade on the morning of the 9/11 Attack. 
We woke up to the TV news on the West Coast just as I was waking her and Kevin up around 6 a.m.  It is a day we will never forget. 

And... the best part of the trip for Lauren was not the buildings or the business but the opportunity to see her family.  She took the train from Penn Staion to New Jersey where Uncle Doug picked her up and after a night there with Doug and Gail, he drove her to her cousin Kristen's home in Pennsylvania where she got to see Jillian and new baby Lincoln! Then Angela came to get her and drove her to the 'East Coast Bayly' home of Greg and Angela and their 3 little girls.  -Confusing unless you know the family - but... that's what it was - family.  And that was the best part.

And let's not forget the NY Pizza .  I'm so jealous. 

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  1. Isn't it funny what we took for granted when we were young teenagers? I used to go into NYC for amazing horse shows in Madison Square Garden, with my grandmother who was showing her horses. Always loved it! We lived in Naples, Italy when I was 14 and I took the buses everywhere to sight see and shop with no fear! Would probably be terrified now of getting lost or something. Sounds like you had a wonderful time growing up in NY, and how nice that Lauren could go, and then visit family in NJ and PA. Love the dance party, fun!! (and the pizza looks soooo good!) I love NYC and really want to head back and see the memorial.