Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The best part of the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is that it gives us a reason to get together. Otherwise, we might just go on doing the daily routine and thinking that we'll all see each other soon..and then not actually do it.  So, these are belated pictures of Thanksgiving and what's so nice for me, anyway, is that we actually get to do this again for Christmas week!
Drew, Giovanna, Dave and I went on a mid-morning hike for about 4 miles.  
Drew found a cute little mountain lion along the way!


I thought it was real.  So like Drew to do that to me.  
He actually kept walking toward it while I was begging him to get away.  You would think after 30 years with him that I would learn. He gets me every time.  Honestly - he was like that when he was a year old.
After I came down from the mountain lion scare, we went on a really fun cider tasting! To be exact, it was actually apple brandy - there were some kids there tasting for them.  The orchard is beautiful and the tasting room and distillery are very new and one of a kind.  It's a family business in the hills above Sonora - the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We thought it would be a ho-hum thing to do but we were very pleasantly surprised! 

Unbelievably, someone was water skiing.  The air wasn't very cold but I imagine the water was.
Oh - here's the apple brandy from Indigeny.  Nice bottle design!
And a picture of the soon to be wed couple at the orchard.  
Christmas is in a week and I get to see everyone again.! These are the kids that used to make me pull my hair out, trying to get them to bed and to do their homework, chores etc. I used to fall into bed exhausted every night , thinking I couldn't do another day.  Now - I feel so much joy each time I see them.