Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crash, Boom, Bang

My computer crashed.  Ugh. I'm now totally depending on Dave's computer until I get a new one and I'll have to go through the drill of figuring out what I want to buy.  The East Coasters have expressed a strong edict about not getting a Dell (which is what I had before) and I have no desire for an HP so that leaves me with....  

On another note,  Happy New Year to everyone!  Looks like everyone on the East Coast had a really good time with family gatherings!  We did as well.  Dave and I were very fortunate to have all the kids here on Christmas morning.  It was an amazing and special treat that  I'm sure won't occur too often going forward but we sure did appreciate it this time.  The newest member of our family, Hank, also joined us and he made things pretty festive - Kevin and Lauren are getting a preview into being parents because he is as cute as can be and so good-natured (except when you take his bone away!) but has a very sensitive tummy so it's almost like taking care of a baby.  You can check him out on Instagram as:  hankstathegangsta.

Now that the new year has started, we're turning our attention to wedding planning!  I was a little waylaid by getting my health insurance ironed out. Blue Cross had me doing laps and pulling my hair out so I resorted to my Congressman - voila! - one phone call and I had all sorts of people calling me from Blue Cross. It just took a solid week of my time on the phone - literally on hold for hours and hours and....  And in between fighting that battle, we were moving the youngest one into San Francisco.  I can't post pictures from Dave's computer but maybe we'll get them up soon.  She has a very cool place with friends from high school and can walk almost anywhere.  It's only a 10 minute bus ride to work, as opposed to an hour+ commute from our house.  She arrived home the first night so much earlier that she didn't know what to do with her time! She used to just get into bed after a 20 minute chat and dinner but now she's actually wondering what people do with their evenings!  It won't take long to figure that one out. 

Well. I guess it's computer shopping as my future for now and the more fun time of wedding plans.

Happy 2014 to everyone!