Tuesday, September 2, 2014

39 But Who's Counting?

This is how the weekend ended - on the beach at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Crissy Field was an Army airfield, adjacent to the old Fort Mason and, in 1974, it became a National Recreation Area where families now come to swim, picnic, walk and run. It's one of our favorite places in the city so we headed there again at the end of our Anniversary weekend. We have been there so many times before so it's very special. It does feel a bit lonely to go there without a dog but I don't think Dave is going to rectify that ;)  I'll have to ask to borrow the Hankster from Kevin and Lauren :0

 (No comments about the blonde hair, please - the alternative is... gray... ah - maybe white.)

And this is how the weekend started!  
We moved Giovanna and Drew into their new house in Walnut Creek. It's a big town, close to all the commuting options in the Bay Area, and it has great schools. But... it was a harrowing real estate purchase. Multiple offers and a bidding war ensued with a seller's agent who was the worst of the worst. They would never have had anyone hang on during this ordeal but Giovanna's mom, Josephine, is a real estate broker and she was not letting this place go.  It was an awesome example of persistence and making people do the right thing. We are all very grateful and appreciative. 
So here they are...still in the box stage.

After the boxes were unloaded, we headed into San Francisco for an Anniversary weekend. We're a couple of blocks from Lauren's place in this photo. The deal was that we were "switching" homes - she was staying at our house and we stayed in her apartment in the city. We like to call it our 'pied a terre'. It sounds good :)

The metal 'line' in the road is the cable line for the cable cars.
Here's the street outside her front door. I hesitate to give out too much info on the blog... I'm getting paranoid... But the red awning is a good restaurant and it's on my 'list'...
We went to dinner at Cotagna and our menus were very tailored to our evening!
The restaurant called to confirm our  reservation and they asked it were an 'occasion' .  So I said it was our Aniversary, thinking we would get a decent table - not thinking much more about it. But the menu was a nice touch.

The next morning was pretty sweet in Lauren's apartment. She has a great view and a Keurig coffee maker which was so nice for me because I love a good cup of coffee. (I have to break down and get one.)  Dave requires the morning paper and he wasn't as lucky at getting that. He had to settle for reading the paper on my cracked ipad... that's another story... 

We did not go to Church that Sunday morning but... well, almost...with my coffee. 
Often, that is more thoughtful.

After a nice brunch at Park Tavern (which was better than dinner the night before) we made our way to Crissy Field.
That water is freezing! It comes down from Alaska.

Alcatraz is the 'rock' island in the distance.

One of the mansions on Marina Blvd. What you can't see is that behind me is... the ocean and the Golden Gate bridge.
 Nice digs.

Washington Park - next to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.  Our neighbors, Anna and Steve, were married here. There's an art venue in the park every weekend.

The End.
Great weekend.

Can't believe it's been 39 years!

Now for the Wedding in 2 weeks!


  1. Beautiful places, perfect weather-- a great way to celebrate 39 years! Happy anniversary!