Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wedding Pics Are In!

Well, doesn't he look relaxed :)
A little help from his friends

Almost new sisters

I let him go a while ago but this made it official

Let's do this!

Uncle Doug officiated

I think she promised to watch a lot of sports. That's why the men look happy :)
Just the beginning

Getting ready to celebrate!

Woooo Hooooo !!!

Mr. and Mrs.

The guys! And, er, Lauren. 

The wedding was as fun as it looks!

Every wedding gets a bit hectic right beforehand but the month before this one was crazy because Giovanna and Drew bought a house and had the sellers from he_l.  It was an incredibly bizarre transaction but they had an amazing real estate broker who hung in there with them and refused to let the house go... Giovanna's mom, Josephine. And she managed to pull it off in the midst of planning a big wedding.  Every detail was flawless - from the paper-signing to the flowers at the wedding. 

Finally Josephine and Gino can enjoy!

The garter...  3 year old Caleb is giving it his best shot.
Hey- some guy out there really seems to want to catch that thing! Awesome!

The bride had a few things to say too. Uh oh :)

Sissers now!

Pullin' the trigger.

Got it done.

Congratulations Giovanna and Drew

We love you!