Monday, December 14, 2015

It's About To Be...Christmas

So this is our Christmas in a nutshell.  A game of Guesstures after dinner with the Helmuth family and here is quintessential Dave - going all out for his his team win. 
Nothing new there ;)

It's basically a game of Charades but it's a requirement for all attendees - pretty intimidating the first time because most of us have been doing it for years and have already made fools of ourselves a number of times so we have no pride left. Lauren started in on it when she was 5 years old and nailed it the first time. But believe me, we have seen some epic fails at this game so the pressure is on. But Lauren's beau, Chris, lucked out this year by not having to be here - oddly enough his parents in SoCal would like to see him on Christmas ;)  Last year, Kevin's sister-in-law, Krissy, came to dinner unsuspectingly but as I recall, she failed to embarrass herself. Well, there's always this year...

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas since I missed the Christmas card train this year. 

                                                                    Kathy and Dave